Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Hard working waitress gets the surprise of her lifetime.

    There has been a video of a Waitress that got a hand full of surprises at work that ended up being a life changer for her.

    I think when you have a hard worker they need to get recognized more for there hard work.  It is sad that there are so many people with 2 or 3+ jobs out there just trying to make a living by working hard and not getting noticed for there accomplishments and hard work.
   If everyone would just start giving people encouraging words, letting them know you see how hard they work and are thankful it. You don't need to give them extra money or things for them to realize you are thankful for there hard work, like i said just some words can brighten there day and make life a little easier.

Here is the Video:      Tell me what you think in the comment section Below!

     I hope you guys enjoyed the video and decide to recognize a hard worker when you see them and maybe thank them, so they can realize there work is not going unnoticed. Have a good day!

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