Monday, May 28, 2012

Community welcomes family of Japanese WWII pilot Fujita

The Asakura family, descendents of the Japanese man who dropped two bombs on Brookings in World War II, was greeted at an informal reception attended by about 20 city officials, veterans and other citizens in Brookings City Hall Friday.
The highlight was a 1992 film the family had never seen of Nobuo Fujita planting a redwood tree representing peace between the two nations.
City Manager Gary Milliman presented Fujita’s son-in-law, Sumiki Asakura, with pins of the city emblem and literature about the historic bombing. He also read a letter of appreciation and friendship from Oregon’s Japanese Consulate.
 The family, including Nobuo’s daughter, Yoriko, and grandson, Fumihiro Fujita, later attended a traditional Japanese swordsmanship demonstration at the Chetco Community Public Library, where author Mike Adams presented them with his new book about the area, “Chetco.”
“Everybody had a good time,” said children’s librarian Brenda Jacques, who coordinated the family’s visit.
“They did say they really enjoyed the Iaido presentation, that the group took the effort to do that for them. They were asking the (team) how they knew how to do it, who taught them – they were surprised people here knew how to do that. It’s been a pretty exciting day.”

Yoriko Asakura receives a vase from Lily Allen, 9, after a swordsmanship demonstration at the  library Friday.

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