Tuesday, May 29, 2012

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Monday, May 28, 2012

Fujita anniversary: Japanese pilot’s family visits

Descendents of Nobuo Fujita will visit Brookings – perhaps for the last time – as part of the 2012 Azalea Festival this weekend.
“I was a child when he first came over,” said reference librarian Brenda Jacques, who is organizing the family’s visit. “Meeting his daughter is going to be very interesting. Unless grandchildren start coming, there won’t be any more visits from the family.”
 Fujita’s daughter, Yoriko Asakura, her husband, Sumiki, and their son Fumihiro Fujita, arrive Thursday for the Memorial Day weekend that coincides with the 50th year Nobuo first visited Brookings.
Nobuo Fujita was a Warrant Flying Officer of the Imperial Japanese Navy and flew a floatplane from a submarine aircraft during World War II. 
He dropped two bombs northeast of Brookings – the only time enemy aircraft had bombed the U.S. until 9/11 – in hopes of starting the forest on fire and drawing attention away from the Pacific Theater.  The incident is now known as the Lookout Air Raid.
In 1962, the Brookings Jaycees invited him to town, in part for the Azalea Festival and also to build a friendship between the two countries.
He returned to Oregon in 1990, 1992 and 1995. In 1992, he planted a tree at the bomb site as a gesture of peace.
Fujita died in 1997, but not before bestowing upon the town a 400-year-old samurai sword, currently on display at the Chetco Community Public Library.
The last time his daughter was here was in 1998 to spread some of Fujita’s ashes at the site of the Lookout Air Raid.
While in Brookings, the family plans to attend a reception in their honor at Brookings City Hall, watch the parade, visit the bomb site and observe a traditional Japanese swordsmanship demonstration – iaido –at the library.
The reception will be held at City Hall, 898 Elk Dr., at 9 a.m. Friday, and the iaido presentation will be held at 1:45 p.m. in the parking lot of the library, 405 Alder St., weather permitting.
Iaido is the art of using a sword in a counter-attack to a surprise attack.
The Southern Oregon Iaido Club will perform a form of swordsmanship called Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu, the Siskiyou Iaido Dojo will demonstrate a form called Muso Shinden Ryu, and the Ashland Taiko of Southern Oregon will perform Taiko drumming. 

Community welcomes family of Japanese WWII pilot Fujita

The Asakura family, descendents of the Japanese man who dropped two bombs on Brookings in World War II, was greeted at an informal reception attended by about 20 city officials, veterans and other citizens in Brookings City Hall Friday.
The highlight was a 1992 film the family had never seen of Nobuo Fujita planting a redwood tree representing peace between the two nations.
City Manager Gary Milliman presented Fujita’s son-in-law, Sumiki Asakura, with pins of the city emblem and literature about the historic bombing. He also read a letter of appreciation and friendship from Oregon’s Japanese Consulate.
 The family, including Nobuo’s daughter, Yoriko, and grandson, Fumihiro Fujita, later attended a traditional Japanese swordsmanship demonstration at the Chetco Community Public Library, where author Mike Adams presented them with his new book about the area, “Chetco.”
“Everybody had a good time,” said children’s librarian Brenda Jacques, who coordinated the family’s visit.
“They did say they really enjoyed the Iaido presentation, that the group took the effort to do that for them. They were asking the (team) how they knew how to do it, who taught them – they were surprised people here knew how to do that. It’s been a pretty exciting day.”

Yoriko Asakura receives a vase from Lily Allen, 9, after a swordsmanship demonstration at the  library Friday.

Vietnam Roll Call

Gaylord Klinefelter, Jerry Schroeder, Keith Reitz, William Davis and John Brannon will be forever young in the hearts of those at the Vietnam Veterans of America Roll Call Friday evening.
The Brookings celebration honored the 672 men who died in the war, and in particular, the five from the Brookings-Harbor area. Roll Call is held every Memorial Day weekend at Brookings City Hall.

Sporting camouflage, uniforms and Stars and Stripes outfits, about 50 veterans, friends and family read the names of those who hailed from Oregon.
They started with Andrew Abramson, Army, 1969, and ended – more than an hour later – with Gordon Zimmerle, Army, 1970.
“We who are combat veterans know some things others will never know,” said Jim Dearmond, a Navy veteran from Brookings. “Something the movie screen will never portray, something ‘real-time’ media coverage can never communicate. We know the smell of war, but do not possess the vocabulary to share the smell of death.”
More than 58,200 veterans were killed in Southeast Asia.
“Each man we knew who fell in combat remains as old as he will ever be,” Dearmond said. “I speak for those who experienced the daily horrors of  the Vietnam War and who are still alive.”

Saturday, May 19, 2012

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