Monday, April 2, 2012

Make Money Online :)


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So I came across Superpoints about 3 weeks ago, at first I was a bit hesitant so I invited a few friends slowly building up my Superpoints thinking it would be another let down I was so wrong, as I have tried various moneymaking schemes like this and not all of them worked out so well.

After picking up an invite to Superpoints I registered/confirmed my account, I watched a few videos for Superpoints then headed to the SuperLucky Button and was earning super points straight away on top of the bonus for validating my account.
You have to be 18+ and from The United Kingdom, USA or Canada to join Maybe available in some other country's not too sure though.

So after about 2 weeks i had earned 500 Superpoints which is $5, I then cashed out my first $5 and received payment, and went about trying to recruit more members earning another 500 points 5 days later. At this point i had around 5-6 invited friends proof below.

How you can earn SuperPoints

There are many was of earning Superpoints.

  • You can earn them by clicking the super button you get 30 clicks per day as a basic member, if you invite 2 people you then get 50 clicks per day, invite 5 people and you get 100 clicks per day winning anywhere from 1-500 points maybe more!
  • After inviting 5 people you win what your friends win on the Superlucky button no matter the amount which is such a great feature boosting your points a lot!
  • Completing offers, surveys, games, signing up for competitions/joining websites anywhere from 1-3000 points
  • By entering competitions held by Superpoints through Twitter 
  • Free points in bonus emails
  • 25 Points per referral 
  • Watching videos 1 point(instantly on most videos)
  • Playing on iPhone/Android games
  • Website reviewing
Easy way to make some money for online games membership
Minecraft/Runescape/World of Warcraft/Star wars, or anything else for that matter!

Here is my link to join

Thank you

Pro Tip

Use up all your clicks fast by opening multiple tabs.
The more the better eh?

Thanks again
Hope to see you soon

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  1. I tried superpoints, but gave up not having the time to spin the wheel every day, but it is a pretty cool site.

  2. I keep on seeing this, I guess I should join in a bit. Thanks for the heads up, I'll be using your referral!

  3. Heard about it but it's not available in my country ;<

  4. Looks pretty cool, i might give it a go. NICE blog.. follow

  5. I was a bit cautious about using superpoints but its ok I guess its not the best and its not the worst.

  6. seen this before somewhere ;D

  7. Is it really as good as you say it is? There are countless numbers of these websites about but not too many of them are really legit.

  8. Great blog dude! Thx for your advices

  9. not aviable in my home country :